Monday, May 8, 2017

De donde viennen usted? (Update #40)

Holaaaa everyone :)

You may or may not have noticed that the subject line is in another language that is not French... That is because I'm learning Spanish!! JK. Not learning Spanish, still trying to speak French. BUT, there are so many Spanish speaking members/ amis here so I've been asking members/ my comp to teach me a couple basic phrases and how to pray.
This week I prayed at one of our members houses in Spanish and that was... interesting hahah. But it's become kind of a fun game for me to try speaking Spanish. So when we sat on the bus on Wednesday and two people speaking in Spanish came to sit next to us, I decided to try out my (nonexistent) skills on them. As I pulled out my little notebook of Spanish phrases I was having some serious déjà vu from the MTC. The guy next to me totally saw me looking through my notebook and started laughing at me... at this point there was no turning back. I got up all my courage and said in a horrible American/ French accent "de donde viennen usted?" (Probably not even correct hahah, in theory means "where are you from?"). Afterwards my comp came in and saved the day (she speaks Spanish) and it turns out the woman he was talking to has a son who is a member of the church in Ecuador! Quel petit mode!!  So that was a really cool experience.

And then on exchange on Saturday we taught our Ami Jessica from Peru with a member from Chili so they were speaking a lot of Spanish and it was so fun. I understood bits and pieces, but it felt a lot like my first Sunday in France when I was trying so hard and just not getting much of anything. It's a cool moment to stop and be grateful that I can actually communicate in French now... maybe one day in Spanish ;)  Also, that rendezvous took place in Jessica's dad's car. Officially the first lesson I've ever taught in a car hahah. Anyway, huge S/O to all my missionary friends who really speak Spanish because it's not easy.

Changing subjects now, Saturday was MARYS BAPTISM INTERVIEW!! This just means that she had her interview with our district leader, and now everything is officially official for next week and she's SO excited to get baptized. As we were walking out of Sunday School on Sunday she was literally jumping/ dancing and singing about how she's getting baptized and is going to be washed clean of her past and follow Jesus Christ. It was one of the happiest moments of my whole life to see how happy and excited she is. I literally can't even express how blessed I feel to be here.
Speaking of which... it's really sad to know for sure that I'm leaving in 2 weeks. As an American I'm only allowed to stay in Suisse for 89 days which means in 2 weeks, I'm out. I don't like knowing for sure that I'm going to be transferred, but at the same time it does make me more grateful to appreciate the time that I have in this incredible country, with Soeur Goreeba, with Mary, with all our members. In the next two weeks we have zone conference, Mother's Day (phone call home!), Mary's baptism, the Paris temple dedication and so many EXCITING things. It's going to go by so fast and I'm just excited to appreciate the amazing moments here in Lausanne with Soeur Goreeba.  I'm seriously so blessed to have had the best companions in the world...

One last funny story about Mary, she has a door mat that says "I love coffee" on it. Literally the first thing you see when you walk up to her door. So naturally we were a little nervous teaching her the word of wisdom after 6 months of walking up to an I love coffee door mat...
Well turns out she doesn't even drink coffee. She started laughing so hard when we asked her about the door mat and then we were all just laughing. Conclusion: she will get a new door mat hahaha.

Other highlight from this week was an exchange with Soeur Yee On!! One of my favorite parts of missionary life is going on exchanges. There are always such cool miracles when we go on exchanges (not really sure why) and it reminds me how much I love my companion.

Have the best week ever!!! Thank you so much for all your prayers and please pray for Mary this week!


Sœur Camille Goold

 Here are a few pictures from her week:  

She is officially "over the hump" now and is past her half-way mark on her mission.   

Sorry to be breaking any hearts here, but apparently these two cuties, Lucas and Yonas, are now Cami's boyfriends.  

This is the view off the patio at their apartment.   Her exact comment about it, "God is real."

Apparently they eat hamburgers and French fries in Switzerland.  
Elder Stainton is their District Leader. 

Waiting for Mary to have her baptismal interview...

 Some good old American Burger King after a "samedi sportif", which Cami refused to eat.  

 She loves Soeur Goreeba

Playing tic-tac-toe with a random kid on a bus.
On exchanges with Soeur Yee On. 

 La famille Segers.  The mom is quite a talented artist and the kids are quite adorable. 

At a district meeting.

Their mission has been doing a lot of family history work lately.

 They sometimes do exchanges with these Sisters. 

A place called "Ouchy"

She's on the floor making a phone call.    

She did Soeur Goreeba's hair.

They visited the Chateau Chillon today! 

It's a medieval castle located on an island in Lake Geneva.

It was cloudy today...

.... but in the sunshine the setting there is exceedingly lovely.

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