Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Touching Base (update #67)

Bonjour tout le monde!!

I completely ran out of time to write a group email today,  but this week has been so beautiful and full of miracles! Lucille is great, Marie is great.    We met Lucille's sister and she wants to get baptized the same day as Lucille!!

Here are some pictures of beautiful France and my beautiful companion!!

Love you all!!


Monday, November 6, 2017

The Last 12 Weeks (update #66)


I don't have a ton of time so this is going to be super short, here are some highlights of this week:

1. Lucille bore her testimony on Sunday about how God answered her prayer about where/ when she needed to be baptized. The ensued being that she needed to be baptized in our church on the 2nd of December. It was really cool because the room was kind of loud with people whispering/ kids crying, but as soon as Lucille started speaking, the room went silent. The spirit was so strong as she testified of her personal experience finding answers to her prayers. There is something so powerful and beautiful in the humility of a new and growing testimony. Hearing Lucille share her's was one of my favorite moments of my mission.
2. We received transfer calls and Soeur Gowans and I are staying together!!! YAY! It's Soeur Gowans' last transfer as a missionary and I only have 2 left which is INSANE. As a missionary there's a training program for new missionaries called "the first 12 weeks." And it's absolutely crazy to think that I'm officially starting my last 12 weeks. I honestly still feel like a little bleue that doesn't know what's going on hahah.

3. The sisters from Carcassonne have been staying with us since Thursday (they just left today).
On Sunday morning Soeur Gowans and I wanted to play a joke on them so I went and put on my nightgown with my missionary tag and everything and acted like I was going to wear it to church. I was asking for advice about shoes/ if I should wear it with a belt or not etc etc. It was SO FUNNY!! Because they were all so uncomfortable because you could tell nobody liked the dress... but not a single person said anything. All 3 of them were going to let me wear my nightgown to church hahah. I even asked "does it look too much like a robe" and they all said "no, you should wear it" hahaha. Don't worry, I didn't actually wear my nightgown to church ;) we did have a good laugh though.. I told them this picture was so that I could show my mom that I wore the dress she sent me to church lol.
Have an incredible week, I love you!!


Monday, October 30, 2017

Pure Joy (update #65)

Hellooo :)

I don't even know where to start this week... it's been so incredible!! I'm definitely a home body and I think Toulouse is finally starting to feel a little more like home. I guess I'll just start with the hugest miracles: Lucille!!

She is honestly just one of the most open, loving, believing people I've ever met. She just has this burning desire to know absolutely everything about the gospel. She loves the Book of Mormon and is always reading more than we asked. She loves coming to church. She showed up to our rendezvous this week out of breath and so excited to share something with us. She proceeded to tell us about how the whole week she had been praying constantly, asking Heavenly Father "où dois-je aller?" (Where do I need to go?) well, after many prayers she relieved her answer in a way that was 100% clear to her. She needs to be baptized in our church on the exact date that we fixed before. We proceeded to talk more about baptism and then the temple. Oh my. When we mentioned that she could go to the temple she was just bouncing up and down with joy. I have never met someone so enthusiastic about the gospel... what a lesson for me. That is how I should go around to people talking about the gospel because that's exactly what it is: pure joy. And I LOVE that she didn't just pray once and then give up. She was begging God to know where to go and what to do for weeks before she felt her answer. When we ask in faith, we receive. I could go on all day about Lucille's incredible faith but I'll just end by saying that she is just one more confirmation that Heavenly Father takes care of His children and brings them back to Him. We really aren't doing much, but it's humbling to just sit back and see what Heavenly Father can do when we're willing to put our trust in Him and love those around us. That's exactly what Kristen did when she invited Lucille to a baptism 3 weeks ago and that's all we can do every single day. "This is a work of love and not statistics."

On to the other COOLEST thing this week. Remember our amie Marie who lived in America for 6 months?? Well, every single time we talked to her I kept thinking about a friend named Maddie from America who has already lived basically all of Marie's thoughts and concerns about the church. So this week we were able to skype Maddie in America while we were with Marie!!!

It was literally perfect. I swear Marie and Maddie are like twins from different countries, but Maddie's testimony and experience was a direct answer to so many of Marie's questions and worries. I love how the gospel unites so many people from so many different places and allows us to all learn and grow together. I don't even have words to describe how I feel but it was sooo cool.

Other highlights of the week include district meeting, 

making delicious poisson cru with our beautiful Tahitians,

hanging out with our favorite American in Toulouse, Carolynne (also a professional ballet dancer), 

and a Halloween party we're going to tonight (it's already a highlight haha).

...and... FIONA!!! She had to come through Toulouse for some reason and she stayed an extra day so we could go to lunch together today. I love her so much! It's so crazy to think that I had to fly across the ocean to meet some of my best friends.

Well I will let you run. Je vous aime beaucoup beaucoup!!! Have an incredible week and don't forget the incredible impact you have on all the people around you. I can't even express how incredible it is to see how one person sharing their light and love can do so much good.  (Kristen and Lucille, Maddie and Marie, Fiona, everyone).

Happy Halloween!!


Soeur Cami Goold

Monday, October 23, 2017

Est-ce que je pourrais utiliser vos toilettes? (update #64)

Bonjour tout le monde!
Before I talk about anything else, I have to tell you about Lucille.  She is literally so cool. She's from la Martinique, we met her a couple weeks ago when her friend, Kristen, invited her to come to a
baptism. Then she came to church the next day, then this week we had a rendezvous to talk more. She has literally been so prepared. I have never seen someone so excited as she was when we put a Book of Mormon in her hands and told her she could keep it. She was bouncing with joy... it was really humbling to see.
"And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, 
I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people."  Luke 2:10

Sometimes I forget how powerful this book is, but I should literally be jumping with joy every time I give it to someone. It is literally the evidence that Heavenly Father loves us each individually, that He still speaks to us today and that He will continue to gather his sheep and take care of us. So cool!

Anyway, at the end of our rdv we asked her if she'd like to be baptized and she said "of course!" We had another lesson with her last week, she came to church in Sunday and we're seeing her again on
Wednesday. Honestly, time and time again I am just blown away with how God does His work. And I'm just so blessed to be along for the ride.

A story that I've been thinking a lot about lately is one of a Father building an IKEA dresser. The father has built this dresser before, he knows exactly how to do it. He's skilled with his hands, he has the tools and it should take him about 30 minutes to get the dresser built. But, his cute little 4 year old son really wants to help him. He's so excited to try to build the dresser. So the father lets him.  He patiently walks him through each step, lets him hold the tools, fixes his mistakes. With the "help" of his son, the dresser took 4 hours to assemble... 3.5 hours longer than it should have. But the joy
and sense of accomplishment in his son's face was worth every moment.

I think Heavenly Father feels a lot like that when He uses us to do His work. He is perfect, He knows each of us perfectly and He knows how to do His work perfectly. His work being to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." That's God's Ikea dresser. And we're like the clumsy little 4 year old down here, wanting so badly to be a part of it and help. And because He is a perfectly loving Father, he lets us. In all of our beautiful imperfection, our perfect Heavenly Father uses us to do His work of loving, serving, and bringing His children back to Him. Because he loves us and He wants us to feel the same joy that He does.

Literally every moment I've spent knocking on doors, contacting people who aren't kind, or just feeling like a bad missionary is worth it a million times over for these celestial moments where I get to be present and witness one of God's children start to come back to him. How grateful am I that Heavenly Father is patient enough to let a clumsy little 4 year old like me "help" him with His work and his glory.

Other fun activités that happened this week include zone conference  (we got to make all the food and  give a presentation which is always so fun :).  President Brown also pulled out his bow and arrow which was so cool.

Then we had an exchange with Soeur Friolo and Soeur Tway from Perpignan, a sleepover with the Carcassonne sisters last night. 
We did some Tahitian dancing on Saturday. Hahaha that was an adventure. Let's just say that my white girl American body was not made to move the way that Tahitian dancing requires... I'm still sore.

Before I go, one super funny story. Friday night we were trying to visit a member to bring them cookies. We followed our map on our iPad until we "arrived" where they were supposed to live... except instead of their house we found ourselves at a French military base complete with guards and big guns and everything. Normally we would have laughed and left... but I had to pee SO BADLY. And if you know me well, you know that it's not a good idea to make me wait to pee. So we walked up to the military base and asked if we could use the toilettes. I think they were so taken off guard to have two 20 year old foreigners ask to use the bathroom that they let us... so I peed on a French military base this week. Love the random adventures of a mission haha.

I think that's all the time I have for this week, I'll try to send more pics next week. I love you all! Thank you so much for your faith and prayers and love!


Soeur Cami Goold