Monday, September 18, 2017

Breaking Baguettes in Bordeaux (update #59)

Hello tout le monde!

I accidentally ran out of time this week so I don't have a lot to say, but this week has been the absolute best. My companion is beautiful and fun and inspired and smart and the best. Bordeaux is the most beautiful place on the planet.

Our Albanian family is as cute and sweet as ever.
This week we tried to teach the kids about prayer and we asked them how they thought we could talk to God if we can't see him. Their response were: "we can build a staircase really tall and go see him" and "we can write a letter and give it to the birds to give to God." So cute. 
We've had a couple rendezvous since then and the kids are starting to pray (with our help) and it is one of the sweetest, most spiritual things to be a part of. The innocence and faith of little kids is incredible. I think especially because they don't fully understand... because I'm a
missionary and have been for a year now and I definitely don't fully understand everything haha.

We had a last rendezvous with our amie Yuwei before she heads off to China for a business trip next week. We're hoping with all our hearts that we'll be staying together another transfer, but if one of us is leaving this will be our last week in Bordeaux :(( but miracles can happen!

We went over to Sarah and Stephanie's house on Sunday to make a French/ American meal and it was Sooo much fun!!! 

Just to spend a Sunday afternoon in the kitchen (my favorite place) with people I
love. And also such a miracle because Stephanie has been less active for so long and little by little we've become her friend up until now where she invited us to spend the afternoon with her! Soeur Rutter and I compare our amis/ people to baguettes. They're hard on the outside, but soft and loving on the inside. You just have to have the love and patience to get to the inside. So we're over here breaking baguettes in Bordeaux :) and it's so much fun.

Well, I've got to run. Have the best week, thank you for your prayers and examples and lights in the world.


Soeur Cami Goold

Monday, September 11, 2017

La Terre Promise (update #58)

Bonjour tout le monde!!
This week has been so good (and with a few less tears than last week😉).

We saw so many miracles but I'll just share two of my favorite:
We were waiting for our bus to come when a guy named Tom arrived. Our bus was late so we ended up talking for about 30 minutes. We thought we would be getting on the same bus so when a different bus came and he got on we were so sad because we weren't able to get any of his contact information! 
Fast forward to the next morning and we receive this message on Facebook: 

<<Hello, I'm Tom, we just had a talk at the bus stop 😁  It's was really nice bumping into you and Adélaïde, I enjoyed talking with you! ... >>

He asked our first names during the conversation and then he had literally searched and found US on Facebook. So cool. He didn't end up making it to church today but we're seeing him later this week :) 
Another story:   At the beginning of the month Soeur Rutter and I both renewed our bus passes in the machines at the gare (train station), but for some reason mine had not been working. On Tuesday we went to the gare to get it taken care of when the lady helping me said: "I don't know why your pass isn't working, but I know that God sent you to come here to talk to me. I've seen you missionaries before." She proceeded to offer US her number before I could even ask for it.  Her name is Jessica.

Also, Soeur Wadsworth (Millie) came to visit and it was SO FUN!!! 

We went and visited our amie Christina and went to dinner with her parents. 
While we were with Christina she commented "Wow, you are so beautiful now Camilla 1" (she calls us Camilla 1 and Camilla 2 because our names are both Camille.) then she turned to me and said "you're clearly still a missionary, you don't wear a lot of makeup, do you?" Hahaha. She then proceeded to comment at least 3 times that Camilla 1 should keep wearing make up. #missionaryprobs.

I'll finish with this super cute thing we heard about on Sunday. One of the cutest families in our ward is the famille V. They have a little 4 year old and an 18 month old (both girls). We've been over there a couple times and challenged them to read the Book of Mormon every night as a family. Last week we wrapped up a children's Book of Mormon and gave it to them as a present.

On Sunday Soeur V came up to us and told us they had been reading every night, but last night they had gotten home late and she told Olivia (4 year old) that they weren't going to read. To which Olivia responded "mommy, I thought Jesus told us to read the Book of Mormon every day." So then they read... SO CUTE. And the dad is not a member which means he is now reading the Book of Mormon every day with his family! (And he already come to church every week).

Anyway, life is good. France is beautiful. Thanks for all the love and prayers!!
Soeur Cami Goold

With the Famille "P"

Chateau de la Brede

Monday, September 4, 2017

A Hankering (update #57)

Bonjour tout le monde!!

This week we had zone conference and talked a lot about our "hankerin'" Which is President Browns way of saying how excited we are to be missionaries and find people who are searching for God and answers and hope in their life. We've got a big hankerin' over here in Bordeaux haha. 

Life is great, but honestly this week was a little rough. Also the best, but in the words of the little Scott girl: "I love hiking...hiking is good, but sometimes we cry a lot." I love my mission, my mission is honestly the best time of my life and I know it's the best thing for my life. But this week we may have cried a little more than usual haha. Sometimes we cry a lot, and that's okay! Nothing in particular, it's just hard when other people don't want to listen to the gospel that we KNOW will help them through their problems.
Something that helped a lot was the talk that my family sent me: "Overcoming the World."

In John 16:33 the Savior said "In the ​​​world​ ye shall have ​​​tribulation​: but be of good ​​​cheer​; I have ​​​overcome​ the world."

Sometimes I get frustrated with how weak and human I am, with speaking a new language (even a year later), with not being the missionary I want to be. But none of that is important. The Savoir has overcome all weakness, all sadness, all rejection, persecution. Everything that I am living and so much more. He has overcome it all. And my job isn't to be perfect today; my job is to rely on Christ and let him make up for what I can't be today. And it works. And it's so comforting.
Elder Anderson said:
"Overcoming the world is not one defining moment in a lifetime, but a lifetime of moments that define an eternity."

It might take me an eternity, but the process of coming to know the Savior and one day becoming like the Savior is a good one. Sometimes we cry a lot, sometimes it's a little hard, but it's oh so worth it. La vie est belle.

Have a great week, I love you all!
Soeur Camille Goold

Monday, August 28, 2017

This is a Work of Love and Not Statistics (update #56)


It's been a great week! I'll just go through some quick highlights:
MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) on Tuesday!! 

Got to see Soeur Jones and lots of other mission friends. 
And of course President and Soeur Brown who taught us a little bit more about how we will be using Facebook as a new missionary tool. In short, I will primarily be using Facebook to better communicate with our amis and members here in Bordeaux. It will also be a cool tool for keeping in touch with amis and members from my old villes. So most of my posting will be in French :) I'm super excited and I can see already that there is so much potential with Facebook. Before my mission I thought it was just a way to waste time/ stalk people/ a less good instagram. But I'm realizing as a missionary that it's a really good way to keep in touch with people. And a lot of times people are way more willing to be friends with you on Facebook than to exchange numbers haha. It's pretty funny that here I am using Facebook for the first time in a year and I think it's the coolest thing ever.

Then on Saturday we learned how to make sushi chez la famille T.-C.!! 
It was so fun. Frère T C invited his less active sister who invited her non-member friend and it turned into a great lesson about Heavenly Father and how much he loves us. I love that after a year of being a missionary, that is the fundamental truth that I always come back to. I LOVE this quote by Elaine S Dalton:

"I have always loved the story of the son of King Louis XVI of France because he had an unshakable knowledge of his identity. As a young man, he was kidnapped by evil men who had dethroned his father, the king. These men knew that if they could destroy him morally, he would not be heir to the throne. For six months they subjected him to every vile thing life had to offer, and yet he never yielded under pressure. This puzzled his captors, and after doing everything they could think of, they asked him why he had such great moral strength. His reply was simple. He said, “I cannot do what you ask, for I was born to be a king.”
Like the king’s son, each of you has inherited a royal birthright. Each of you has a divine heritage. “You are literally the royal daughters of our Father in Heaven.” Each of you was born to be a queen."

The knowledge of our divine origin and potential really can change everything about how we confront challenges in life. Souvenons-nous donc qui nous sommes, les fils et filles du Dieu Tout-Puissant! (Let's remember who we are, children of the almighty God)
Last miracle I'll share for the week was Monday night. We arrived in Lyon earlier than usual so we had the time to go with the Val de Saône sisters to pass by Constance. When I was in Val de Saône we went over to Constance's house every week to teach and prepare her 8 year old daughter for baptism. I remember one day we spent a whole morning bending over backwards to help get the program ready. It was a small thing, but important to Constance. We had already been showing her drafts for weeks, but the day of printing she had a lot of last minute changes she wanted to make. I won't go into details, but chasing Constance around that morning felt a little frustrating and perhaps even a waste of time. But in the end the program did turn out well.   :)

Anyway, Monday night when I said goodbye to Constance she just hugged me and said "tu es mon ange." She told me about how thanks to her daughter's baptism, her friend Fabrice was able to meet the Ecully missionaries and eventually get baptized. She told us that she was having a hard time and that she needed us that night. I didn't do much of anything ever. I was a blue, I didn't speak great French, I spent too much time making a little baptism program. But Heavenly Father let me be a little observer to how HE has supported this woman of faith through her immense trials.

My mission isn't about making perfect programs.  It's about people. It's about Gods children here in France who need to know God loves them. "This is a work of love and not statistics" and it was so cool to travel back in time a little to Val de Saône to be reminded of that.

Well, that's all I've got for this week. I love you!

Soeur Camille Goold


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