Hey there!

My name is Camille Rose Goold and I'm from the Washington DC area, but for the next 18 months I'll be known simply as Soeur Goold while I serve a mission to France for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

 I just finished my freshman year at Brigham Young University (best school in the world), and when I get back from France I will start the nursing program there. I love traveling, making and consuming good food, being outside, hanging out with my family and just living life in general.

This basically sums up my relationship with all my siblings (note: Spencer's face and "contribution" to holding me up hahaha). 
My amazing parents have taught me just about everything I know and I'm going to miss them so much while I'm in France.

So excited for all the adventures my mission will hold!

My super amateur ideas about life (the word philosophy sounded way too official):
1. Good food is a cure-all and has the power to bring people together.
2. There is happiness in every stage of life, even though it may be hard to find sometimes.
3. Self-confidence is the critical first step to building relationships with other people.
4. We live in an amazing world, why not explore?
5. Each of us is a child of God and if we view ourselves and others this way, our lives will be fuller and our relationships happier.

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