Monday, October 3, 2016

Two Months Today (Update # 10)

Note from Soeur Goold's Mom:    Pictures have been added to last week's post, so check those out if you have a chance.   :) 

Some terms to know from today's email:   
Ami:  literally a "friend" of the church.   Someone who is not a member, but has a relationship with the missionaries and is somewhere in the process of learning more about it.  

General Conference: A twice yearly gathering of our church, where our prophet, apostles, and other worldwide leaders speak to us via televised broadcasts and give us guidance and direction for this day and time.   It is a time to seek guidance and be inspired.  Click here to learn more about what it is and here to read summaries of what was spoken

Fourviere:   A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fourviere is a  large hill in Lyon that was the center of the ancient Roman city, Lugdunum (founded in 43BC).  It is referred to as the  "praying hill" and  is home to the Basilica de Notre Dame de Fourviere (where the blog header photo was taken), partially intact ruins of an ancient Roman theater (pictured below), and La Tour Metallique.  

To get in touch with Soeur Goold:  


So it's officially been 2 MONTHS since I anxiously wheeled my 50 pound
suitcases into the gates of the MTC. What a journey it's been already
and what a journey the next 16 months will be!!

Soeurs Bright and Burton (serving in a nearby ward) and Soeurs Kelley and Goold in a random concrete bowl in Lyon

General Conference* (see definition above) this week was SO GOOD and really an answer to my
prayers. I went into it with the question: How can I find, develop,
and use the spiritual gifts I've been given to be a better missionary?
The answer came in Elder Nelson's talk about joy. Before my mission I
received a blessing that said because of your joyful attitude, you
have been called to serve as a full time missionary. I'd never given
too much thought to those words before, but during Elder Nelson's talk
they stood out to me. The whole reason God called ME to come to France
is because I have the ability to feel and share joy. Not because I can
speak French (I can't), not because I've memorized all the missionary
lessons (I haven't), and not because I'm going to baptize all of
southern France (I'm not). He called me to serve here because "in all
the words that could have been used to describe the goal of mortality,
God chose joy." And in some small, seemingly insignificant at times
way, I'm here to try and help people find the true joy that can only
come from our Savior, Jesus Christ.

It made me really think that amongst all the language study and lesson
planning, my main focus needs to be on coming closer to the Savior and
finding joy in my life as a missionary. Because how could I ever help
someone else be happier if I'm not putting it into practice every
single day in my own life?

The question I'm asking myself is: "Am I living up to my spiritual
potential to feel joy?"   Right now the answer is definitely no. My goal
for this week but really my whole mission and life is to really become
more joyful. And I know the only way to do that is through Christ and
his teachings and atonement. Aka love, service, charity, and so forth.
Lots of work to do.

That was kind of a long, rambling thought, sorry if none of that made
any sense :)

Highlights this week: last pday we went to Fourviere with a group of
missionaries, so fun!!!
The missionaries from Soeur Goold's area at some Roman ruins in Lyon (see info about Fourviere above)
The elevator miracle less active, Lucia came to General Conference at
the church!!! I don't know how long it's been since she's been to
church, but let's just say it was a huge miracle!!

Soeur Kelley and I have really been working on finding by faith. This
last week has been a lot of prep work, hopefully soon we'll start to
actually find the people God has prepared to receive this message!

Love you all, thank you for all your prayers, love, and support!

Soeur Cami
At the Basilica de Notre Dame de Fourviere
(its location on top of Fourviere Hill is stunning and boasts beautiful views overlooking the city of Lyon)

Roman ruins at Fourviere

Even ice cream looks better on the beautiful streets of France!

I sent Soeur Goold the ingredients for her favorite cookies before she left the MTC.  This week she got to make some  to share with some amis*.  

Apparently, in France you can't buy peanut butter, chocolate chips, or brown sugar, so her ability to bake will be altered a bit for the next 1-1/2 years!   

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