Monday, October 17, 2016

Je Suis En France (Update #12)

This week the reality of being in France has really started to sink in and it's so cool. I love this country so much!! The people here are so kind, maybe not as outwardly open as Americans, but when you get them talking they are the kindest, most caring people. It's really neat to see. (And just like everywhere in the world there are the mean ones and the kind ones.  )
So this weeks email is going to be really short because today we had p-day at President and Soeur Brown's house (SO FUN!!)
This week I've been thinking a lot about what Hermana Katy Harrison said a couple weeks ago about contacting as if the Savior is
standing beside me:     
"Spiritual thought: I was thinking about the primary song "If the Savior stood beside me" and the part "would I do the things I do, would I say?" In one sense you can think about it as being accountable to the Lord and wanting to make Him proud. If the Savior was walking with us I would talk to every single person on the street becasue the Savior was watching. But I read 2 Nephi 22:2 (Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song;he also has become my salvation) and it made me think of the song as a source of strength. If the Savior was walking with us I wouldn't have any fear of opening my mouth because He would be there to help me. I truly believe the Lord is with His missionaries and we can trust Him and the Spirit to help us in talking to people, in serving them, in extending bold committments, etc. Be not afraid to stand up for what's right or to take big steps. He is your strength and your song and He stands with you!"   Hermana Katy Harrison

Having confidence as if he is there to validate everything I say. It's very applicable as a missionary knocking on a lot of doors, but also applicable in normal life. When we act and speak with the confidence that the Savior is there to back us up (when we're saying things that are worthy of Christ's  help), it becomes easier to be lovingly bold.
We were porting when we met a practicing Catholic. He told us he didn't understand why we go knocking on people's doors, and that everyone has their own way of worshipping and we should respect that. I opened my mouth and the Holy Ghost put words there. I said something like: "franchement (frankly), we knock on people's doors because we have the knowledge of God, that knowledge has changed our lives, and we know that it can help everyone here." Afterwards Soeur Kelley said my French was better in that moment than ever before. Those weren't my words. I've been praying and studying how I can be lovingly bold, in that moment (and so many others) God answered my prayer. Becoming a lovingly bold missionary is going to take a lot of effort, studying, opening my mouth and going out of my comfort zone, but there is comfort in the fact that God always adds His power to our efforts.
After church Soeur Kelley and I drove to an outer ville we've been planning on visiting for a couple weeks. On the way I felt like we needed to turn around and head somewhere near home. We were
already half an hour away so I decided to ignore the prompting. We arrive in the ville and start porting. After about 15 minutes Soeur Kelley turns to me and says "I feel like there's somewhere else we need to be right now." We got back in the car and (a little bit guiltily) drove most of the way back home to go porting in the ville I felt like we needed to go to 2 hours earlier. We didn't find a new ami, but we had 5 miracle lessons, one of which really needed to hear about God's plan for us. She didn't want to fix a rendezvous today, but she said she might come to church. I really feel that God sent us
to her. God WANTS to send us where were needed, sometimes I'm just too stubborn to listen. My goal going forward is never to ignore a prompting again, whether it's a real prompting or maybe just a thought in my head. Action is how I will learn how to discern when it's the spirit.

I SAW SOEUR JONES  (my MTC companion) THIS WEEK!!! She had to come up from Nice for legality in Lyon. SUPER FUN. Had a sleepover at the Ecully STLs house all together. I've missed her so much.

"We have both learned so much and realized how different the field was from the MTC. Our testimonies have both deepened so much and we've become more tough. I didn't even realize how much I loved Soeur Goold until I saw her again. She is an amazing person and I am so lucky to have her as my first companion and friend. It was so fun to talk with her because we are both going through very similar situations right now with being new. We talked about feeling so out of french conversations, fear of contacting, both sharing 1 Nephi 11:17 with every ami, how much we love the French people and want so badly to communicate with them, becoming more obedient, etc. Just such a joy to catch up with that lovely girl."      Quote from Soeur Jones on seeing Cami again

Je vous aime beaucoup!!!
Soeur Cami Goold

Soeurs Bright, Burton, Goold, and Kelley
Have no idea what the faces are for! 

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