Friday, September 2, 2016

Bats, Pink Eye, and France (Letter #5)

Bonjour tout le monde!
This week has been CRAZY from the beginning.

But first:

This week I've been reading in the Bible a lot during personal study and I'm completely falling in love with the story of Jesus Christ's life. For some reason I've always turned to the Book of Mormon to learn about Christ (which is incredible as well), but it's been so cool to read about his life as written by his disciples. Something that has stuck out to me is how often the Savior says DON'T FEAR and HAVE FAITH. Through all his teachings it seems like every single time the message comes back to these two simple truths.

At one point a man is asking the Savior to come and heal his daughter. Suddenly a group of people comes to tell the man "Thy daughter is dead: why troublest thou the master any further?"

But, "As soon as Jesus heard(this), he said: Be not afraid, only believe" (Mark 5:35-36)

He proceeds to go to the house of the man and raise his daughter from the dead. I love this story so much because it is such a stark example of how with Christ we can literally overcome everything. Whether it be rejection, chemistry tests, sadness, or even death; with Christ we can overcome (surmonter) our trials and find peace and happiness. There will always be that voice (whether from ourselves or others) saying: "Why do you bother the Master? You are beyond hope, give up." But the words of the Savior ring true: "Be not afraid. ONLY believe."

Going to France in 10 days when I have yet to successfully converse with a French person in their language is scary. But I have faith that the message I am going to share is one of Hope and Joy,and one that the people in France need to hear. I have faith that He will somehow make my words mean something. I have Faith that is stronger than my fear.

I love the words of the primary song: "You do need to have  great courage, faith to conquer fear."

Now onto the very exciting events of the week:

Last Saturday I woke up and my eye was crusted shut and really pink. For some weird reason I'm really paranoid about going blind, so when it didn't go away by that evening Soeur Jones and I went to the MTC clinic to get it checked out. Turns out the doctor had already left for the day so next thing we know SJ and I are in a car leaving the MTC to go to the BYU health clinic. It's just down the road and I've passed it a million times but it was so SURREAL going into the real world. Crazy to think that in just 10 days we'll be leaving the MTC for good and getting on a plane to fly to FRANCE.

After the doc looked at it he wrote a prescription and we got to go to Rite Aid to pick it up. So weird being out and about in Provo because it's such a familiar place, but suddenly I'm here as a missionary!! We randomly met a woman in line who was from France and told us to think of her when we land in Lyon (aka a week from TUESDAY)! We again attempted to speak French with her and it did not go super well lol. I think I picked up one word she said. I guess I'll just have to have Faith to conquer Fear and to conquer French hahah.

Then Sunday on our temple walk,  who is there?! ASHLEY BOURNE and Janessa and Karly and MK and Sister Caroline Drasbek (also in the MTC). It was like a mini Oakton Stake reunion. So fun, so glad they happened to be there at the same time as me! (Literally we had no clue we would see each other).

Impromptu Oakton Stake party at the Provo temple 

Between leaving the MTC on Saturday and seeing high school friends on Sunday, all my worlds (MTC, High School and BYU) were feeling incredibly mixed. Gave me a new perspective on exactly how different mission life is, but also how much my experiences in High School and at BYU are the reason I am who I am today. Sometimes being a missionary feels like a completely different life, but I need to remember it's just one chapter in my same life. And I'm so grateful this chapter is starting now!


On Thursday they had an emergency meeting with all the Sisters to inform us that the bat infestation in our building (remember the single bat from a couple weeks ago?) was out of control and we were being emergency transferred to a different building. We went and packed up all our things....
Saying goodbye to the room

and the Elders in our district kindly helped us drag them to the opposite end of the MTC.  Kind of a fun change of scenery and now we get to live in the outskirts of the MTC. Rest assured I remembered to move the picture of Jesus so he can continue to watch over me while I sleep.  ;)

Moving rooms

We received our official travel plans today!! We leave at 6:30am a week from Monday to fly to Lyon!! So excited to start this new chapter (and never eat BYU dining food again).

Je vous aime!

Soeur Cami Goold

Homemade bread and fresh peach jam from home!    

Ay! Ay!   Pirate Cami is ready to take over France!  

SG and SJ at the temple 

 Apparently they're quite the rule breakers there at the MTC. 

SJ's dad sends vitamins for the whole district.  Cam says that he works for a company that  sells them.    

{Who knows?   Maybe Cami's dad can get them all hooked with weather and water level monitoring devices for their next package.   Haha!}   

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