Thursday, September 15, 2016

Arriving to France (Update #7)

This is an update from Soeur Goold's mom, since we won't hear from her this week.


Bright and early on Monday, September 12, Soeur Goold and a group of 14 other missionaries made their way from the MTC to the SLC airport.    We had the chance to talk to her while she was at the airport.    We didn't get to talk long, but it was wonderful to hear her voice and hear how truly happy and excited she was to be embarking on the next part of her missionary journey.

This picture was texted to me the day before she left the MTC! 

We received an email from the mission secretary on Tuesday that their group of 24 missionaries (14 sisters and 10 elders, some coming from the Spain MTC) had all arrived safely to the mission home in Lyon.

On Wednesday we got an email saying that her first companion and trainer is Soeur Kelley and she will be serving just outside of Lyon in the Val de Saône area.    
SG and her first companion, SK

We typed in her address on google earth and enjoyed looking at the street view of the neighborhood where her apartment is.

Later I found this Facebook post from a sister serving in the mission office to my friend here in the area:

It made me smile ear to ear!   After a whole year without a kitchen while she lived in the dorms at BYU, she will be thrilled to put her baking skills to use for sharing the gospel!   

We are excited and a bit nervous now that she's out of the safety net of the MTC, but know that she will do much good serving and teaching the people in France.  

Thank you for your prayers and love for Cami!    We are grateful for you!  


Called to serve Him, heav'nly King of glory,
Chosen e'er to witness for His name,
Far and wide we tell the Father's story,
Far and wide his love proclaim.
Onward, ever onward, as we glory in His name;
Forward, pressing forward, as a triumph song we sing.
God our strength will be; press forward ever,
Called to serve our King.

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