Monday, June 26, 2017

C'est La Vie (update #45)

Note from mom: Cami's iPad and wallet were stolen this week, so there are no pictures today. :( And she was typing on a French keyboard (and I am sending this from my iPhone), so forgive the typos.
June 12, 2017

Bonjour tout le monde!!!
Life is pretty good over here in Bordeaux. :)

This Wednesday we had the sisters from Poitiers in our sector FOR AN EXCHANGE WHICH WAS SO MUCH FUN. Sorry that was in all caps... French keyboards suck (and mom's editing from her iPhone), so I'm not going to go back and fix it :) Anyway, Soeur Hendrickson and I went on an exchange together and it was exactly what I needed. Right before I was feeling just a little bit tired and worn out, but then the sisters got here and everything was better. And we saw some super cool miracles!!

On the way to our rendezvous at midi with a member we got to the bus stop early. I was looking at the map as the bus arrived while another lady signaled to the bus to stop, but it drove right by! What?! That meant we would have to wait 30 more minutes for the next bus to come and we would be 30 minutes late for our rendezvous instead of right on time. After about 5 minutes of waiting, a lady walks up to the bus stop saying "oh non, je me suis trompé le bus." Then, as soon as she saw us she says "vous êtes des mormons?" That immediately led to an amazing 30 minute conversation about faith and God and missionary work. Apparently she took all the missionary lessons 10years ago. We got on the bus together and exchanged numbers and she said she would love to meet with us again. Right before we got off the bus she lowered her voice and said the only reason she didn't continue with the Mormons was because she felt too pressured by her baptism date and that she will be baptized when she's ready, but that it was the Mormons who taught her not just to know about God, but to know God. I told her I believed it was God who helped us both miss our bus and meet that morning and she agreed full heartedly.
We should have been on the first bus that came, but for some reason he didn't stop. She takes this bus every day so it was not normal for her to mess up and take the wrong direction and to end up on our bus. But we did miss our bus and so did she. Someone is doing their work over on the other side of the veil because this was not a coincidence.

So that was super cool, then just hanging out with Soeur Hendrickson was fun because we came into the MTC together!! We took a cute picture, but you'll just have to take my word for it ;)

<< C'est la vie>> are definitely the three words I have used the most this week thanks to the unfortunate event that took place saturday morning.
Saturday morning we went to samedi sportif in Bordeaux with all the other missionaries and a bunch of amis. As usual, a bunch of random people that we didnt know came and went throughout the game. They would come play for a few minutes, then take a rest in the shade next to our bags, then come back and play. Nothing out of the ordinary. Almost everyone left about 30 minutes before we did, so at the end it was just the missionaries and a couple of our amis de l'eglise. We went over to get our bags and when I picked mine up I noticed it was weridly light... and then when I looked inside it was also strangely empty. Someone stole my iPad and my wallet with my drivers license, temple recommend and all my cards in it. So that was a fun morning. But all is well, C'est la vie. I got to call my parents to tell them to cancel my credit card which was a huge tender mercy!And everything will work out, we're just going to spend a little more time in the prefecture and police station than anticipated and I'm going to have to go without an iPad and money for an undetermined amount of time... but it really doesnt make a huge difference because Soeur Wadsworth is the best person ever and shares everything with me; Thank goodness for companions :)

So anyway, if you're noticing the distinct lack of photos it's because all my photos are running around Bordeaux with some random dude. And the even higher quantity of spelling and grammatical errors we will go ahead and blame on the French keyboard I'm using instead of my iPad.

It's actually been a little cool to have all my "items of value" stolen because it has helped me realize to what point none of that is important. Is it inconvenient to have no way to buy anything or an iPad to show videos or do studies or qreq book or planning on? Of course. But has it made any difference in my overall happiness or success as a missionary? Not at all.

La vie est belle!! With or without an iPad to take pictures of it :)

Well, I hope you have a great week!!! Love you all


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