Monday, April 17, 2017

Little Easter Miracles (Update #37)

JOYEUSES PÂQUES tout le mode!! {Happy Easter everyone}
This Easter Sunday was full of miracles!! First off, if you remember our amies, Mary and Ednice, they BOTH came to church on the same day!  I'm pretty sure Ednice came my first three weeks here then Mary came  my last three, and for the first time they were both there the same day! We walked into the chapel with Ednice (after picking her up at her house), then Soeur Goreeba saw Mary and went to say hi. Mary starts waving in our direction and I waved back assuming it was for me...nope! Turns out she was waving at Ednice because they do Yoga every Monday together. QUEL PETIT MONDE. {what a small world} Our two most progressing amies that we see and teach most frequently have never been to church on the same day but they know each other in their personal life!  So cool.

Mary and Ednice! 
Next miracle is that Ednice stayed for the second hour which she's never done before!  And then, right after the lesson Mary came up to us and said "so when are you going to bring me the baptism interview questions? I'm ready.  I want to be baptized. And I want to make sure to prepare myself. I
know I have a lot to learn from you people." As those words came out of her mouth memories began to flash through my head of when we started teaching Mary. We sat in a dark room (she never turned on the lights...idk why), she was wrapped up in a blanket with a hat over her hair in the corner and we sat on the couch on the opposite end of the room. She would always go on rants in her speedy, African English. And we loved it. BUT to see the difference of where she is today is incredible. She comes to church every Sunday, she's excited to be baptized, she loves the members, there's always light in her house (lol). But the most incredible change is the light in her face. The way she smiles when she sees us, the way she listens humbly and bears testimony. If I've learned anything on my mission it's that the gospel works. If we're willing to apply the principles, change happens. We learn and grow and find peace. Maybe we won't be over the moon delighted in every moment, but we can have peace. A peace that only comes from the savior. (As shown in the AMAZING Easter video about the #princedelapaix)  Watch it here:

THEN, after church the miracles weren't finished! The famille Waechter (one of my FAVORITE families from Val de Saone) was in Lausanne visiting family for Easter and they invited us to eat with them Chez the Soeur de Soeur Waechter (the house of the sister of Sister Waechter), who just so happens to be a less active in our ward in Lausanne! A less active that none of the missionaries here have succeeded at finding or teaching. And we were invited to eat at her house because I "happened" to serve in Val de Saone and become friends with her sister. And now we have another rendezvous to go back another time!! And when I say "happened" I mean the opposite. It's so obvious that God is in the details of this work. We do our little part, our little efforts. I just go where I'm called and try to be a good, obedient missionary and often fall short. And then God turns my water into wine and we see so many miracles. It really is such a humbling and joyful experience to be a missionary. I wish I could just put all the feelings and memories I have into your hearts.

In other news I'm writing this email while we're on our way to Lyon for a MLC (conference) (YAY)!!! Conferences are just the absolute best. Seeing so many other missionaries, the Browns and returning to Lyon where I started my mission. And it just makes it so much better that my companion is the best person in the world because it almost feels like a mini vacation with a friend. Not quite...but a little :)

Anyway, JE VOUS AIME!! Have a great week!



Here's a little glimpse of her week in pictures:  

A missionary from the Lausanne ward just returned from serving in Tahiti and Cami and Soeur Goreeba helped her mom prepare this welcome home goodie spread for her.  

 The picturesque corner she lives on....

Visiting Soeur G. in the hospital...

This is the view from her hospital room...

Cami loves Soeur Goreeba

12-grain Easter soup that Soeur/Hermana C. made and a birthday cake that Cami and Soeur Goreeba made. 

 These are the flowers in front of her house.   She said they make her smile every time they arrive home.  

 Hermana C. (the same one who made the soup) loves doing Cami's hair.  

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