Thursday, April 13, 2017

Exploding Eggs (Update #36)

Bonjour tout le monde!

First things first: this week we got transfer calls and SOEUR GOREEBA AND I ARE STAYING IN LAUSANNE!!!! Literally could not be happier. We were pretty sure Soeur G was going to leave because she's already been here for 3 transfers and I have to leave next transfer (the Swiss government only lets Americans stay in Switzerland for 89 days), but it was the best surprise ever to stay together! We've been seeing so many miracles and we've gotten so close over the last 6 weeks that it would have been heartbreaking for her to leave. And there are so many huge miracles in store these upcoming 6 weeks.   :)

Funny story from this week: we were at our DMP's ( ward mission leader's) house for dinner on Friday night with the elders. For the spiritual thought we decided to use our unbreakable egg example from zone conference. Right before we gave the egg to everyone to try to break it I noticed a little, tiny crack. I turned to Soeur G and asked if we should ask for another egg, but we decided it would be okay. We passed the egg around the circle and everyone tried to break it. After Frere Deppe, Soeur Deppe, their 2 daughters, Elder Sumter, and me and Soeur Goreeba had all tried to break the egg, it was still holding up strong. Whew. All is well. Then the egg goes to the last person in the circle, Elder Wilkey. As usual, he starts squeezing with all his force and nothing happens... until BAM. EGG EVERYWHERE. Mostly all over Elder Sumter from head to toe hahaha. And Frere Deppe. And their living room. Hahahaha it only would've been okay at the Deppe family's house because they're the absolute best, chilliest people ever, but it was soooo funny. Not the best for our spiritual thought but a good memory. (And the moral of the story is that God can only strengthen us and make us unbreakable if we keep ourselves crack free, in other words keep the commandments and repent).

Cool miracle this week was Sunday!! Mary and Marisa came to church.  Marisa is the PERFECT new Ami of the elders and she's seriously so cool. I got to sit next to her during all three hours of church and she's just super cool and open. I told her I thought she was a member at first and she was like "that's weird because it feels like I've been coming to your church my whole life even though this is my first time here." SO COOL. Then there's Mary, our Ami, who usually gets rides from members for church. This week she told us she wanted to take the buses and try to find her own way so we didn't ask anyone to go pick her up. When we got to church she was already there and with tears in her eyes told us how she got all the way ready and was about to leave when Rudy (a member) called and said he was on his way to pick her up. She was willing to come by herself, but it meant so much to her that a member thought of her and was willing to get her (without anyone asking him to). Crazy how big of a difference little acts of charity can make.

I LOVED the quote from General Conference: "the key to teaching as the Savior taught is living as the Savior lived." Not that we can be perfect like the Savior, but we can look out for ways to lift and serve those around us like He did.

Rudy took the time to think about Mary and then act and call her and pick her up. And this little act of Christlike love and kindness helped Mary to feel the spirit during church and to feel truly loved, by the church, and by her Heavenly Father. Sometimes I forget the power of simple kindness and love.

Also, Simone is a recent convert of 2 months who just moved here from Brazil! She's so cool (doesn't speak any French), and made me think of all my missionary friends serving in other countries right now and how it really is all the same work. The gospel that Simone learned in Brazil and the missionaries that baptized her allowed her to walk into our chapel in Switzerland without a doubt in her mind if it's the same. Because it's the gospel of Jesus Christ and that can't change from country to country or language to language. She said "I'm so new and have so much to learn, but I'm so happy to be here." So excited to start working with her!! And maybe learn a little Spanish on the way... (she speaks Spanish and Portuguese)

Well, life is good here in Switzerland. Thank you so much for your faith and prayers. God's work really is happening all over the world.

I love you all!


Here are some pictures from this past week:   

She's been sick this week and so took advantage to rest for a moment whenever she could.   

This little cutie wanted to see what she'd look like with Cami's hair. 

Soeur Goreeba likes to take pictures of her, sometimes when she leasts expects it. 

You can tell she's feeling better in the later pictures. 

Beautiful Switzerland in the springtime.

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