Monday, January 23, 2017

Doing Jesus' Dishes (Update #25)

Hey, hey everyone!
All the talk in France is about Donald Trump so I can't even imagine what it's like over there aux États Unis! Everyone we meet on the street wants to know how we feel about it and we always just say "il faut prier pour les États Unis." (We need to pray for America)

In other news this week, Souveraine O. got baptized!!

She's not technically an amie by missionary guidelines because she hasn't turned 9 yet, but she sure feels like our amie. We've been going every week to teach her for a long time now, we got to make the program for her baptism and we've been yelled at by a spicy little African woman about 10 times in the process. 

That being said, it's been all so worth it and I love this little family more than words can express. Constance (Souveraine's mom) says "passez les gros bisous aux États Unis" (send big kisses to America from me).

In the process of making the program for the baptism, we had a rendezvous with Constance this week to go over some last minute changes. She then asked us to drive her to work, which we would be
happy to do except we aren't allowed to drive members except to teaching appointments. We of course told her we wished we could," mais il y a les règles et on n'a pas le droit" (but there are rules and we aren't supposed to),  to which she responded by getting in our car, getting buckled and shutting the door and saying "your Mission President won't see, I'll hide myself, only Jesus will see." And with that we broke a million rules and drove Constance 5 minutes to work. hahaha

Kelly (the 11-year-old amie I mentioned last week and pictured below) came to Souveraine's baptism which was so good because it's the first time she's ever seen a baptism in her life and we're hoping it got her excited for her own baptism next month!
Also this week we went to the J. family  (remember the family with the powerful experience teaching the 10-year-old girl?) to help clean their house...MUCH NEEDED. I did dishes for three hours and Soeur Wilson cleaned out a very moldy fridge. It was fun. It's so fun to do service like that because the whole time I was just thinking of the scripture "inasmuch as he have done it unto the least of these my brethren, he have done it unto me." Et puts je me suis dit "I just did Jesus' dishes"

Something I've been studying lately for our amie, Dona (Cani's wife) is the Plan de Salut (Plan of Salvation). It's been super cool to teach her and gain new perspective for myself at the same time. Dona is super catholic and it's cool to see how much of the Plan of Happiness is new to her. She's still a little hesitant but we're all learning a lot in the process.

My favorite realization is that the great Plan of Happiness works on both a grand, eternal scale and on a microscopic, personal scale. Simply put, God's great plan is that we all lived with him before this
earth as spirits, he sent us here to receive bodies and learn and become like him, and through his son Jesus Christ he has established a chemin (path) for us to return to live with him again. Only this time when we live with him, we will be like him. It really is incredible. But, just as important as this immense plan, is the microscopic level. It's the fact that God knows each of us by name. That long before we even came to this earth, he had a plan for us. For some of us that means school, missions, family, friends, whatever it is, God is in the details. He knows what needs to happen in every day, every moment for us to eventually achieve what's available in His grand plan of Happiness. I'm not sure if  I'm making sense, but basically it takes my breath away to know that the God of all the universe knows and loves me. He's aware of me. And he cares what I do today, tomorrow and every other day. And somehow He has a way to care and love for every single one of His children with that same, unfailing love.

God is good.  France is good.  The mission is good.  I love you all so much!! Thank you for all the prayers and support.
Soeur Cami Goold


A few random pictures:

It's been quite cold in Lyon the last few weeks.    She finally had to get some more warm clothes...

A  French vineyard in the winter is still quite a lovely sight....

 Soeur Wilson...

Cami and Soeur Wilson with an awesome ward member (Celine).

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