Monday, December 26, 2016

Finding Dory Analogy (Update #21)

Bonjour tout le monde!

Christmas was AMAZING!! We were the absolute worst at taking pictures, though,
so I'll just share some highlights from the week, with fewer photos than usual.

1. FACETIMING MY FAMILY. Best thing of the week by far. I won't
pretend it's not hard to be away from them, especially at Christmas
time, but that doesn't change the fact that I love my family and they
are the biggest blessing in my life.
2. Literal 7 course French meal for Christmas lunch with one of our
members. Included escargot, beaucoup du fromage (cheese!) and lots of other
yummy things.
3. Finding Dory! This was the one movie that President Brown approved
us to watch this year and it was SO GOOD. Maybe it's because I'm going
on 5 months without any Disney movies, but either way I loved it. Of
course being a missionary I couldn't help but notice the spiritual
parallel that we're all a little like Dory. We don't remember our life
before this earth, we don't remember exactly where we came from, but
the more we try and remember, the more we pray and study the
scriptures and listen to the spirit, the more we remember. The further
we progress on our path to returning home to our Heavenly Father. My
favorite scene of the whole movie was when Dory finally finds her
parents and she starts to present herself "hi I'm..." she's
immediately interrupted by her parents tackling her and screaming
"DORY." They instantly forgave her for forgetting them and they had
never forgotten her. They spent every single day, every moment laying
a shell path to help her find her way home. I think our reunion with
God will be the same. He knows all of us perfectly, every day he is
laying shells, he's giving us tools, he's reaching out to us trying to
help us find our way back home. But we have to let ourselves remember.
We have to choose to follow the shells. And it's so cool to be a
missionary and be part of the daily work of laying shells and
searching for the lost Dorys who have forgotten who they are and where
they came from.
If I have a testimony of anything,  it's that we are all children of a
Heavenly Father who loves us and that more than anything, He wants us
back. He wants us to return home.

This email in no way did this week justice but I'm all out of time. A
la prochaine!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Je vous aime!
Soeur Cami Goold

Pictures and notes from mom:  

Her and Soeur Wilson were given a lot of chocolate this Christmas!    Also, I'm loving her cute little missionary tree!  

She didn't explain this artwork to me, but she told me to make sure her grandma saw it.    :) 

Our family has a tradition of matching pajamas each year, so we had to make sure she matched from afar!       

We love our Cami Rose! 

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