Monday, July 3, 2017

JOYEUSE 4 JUILLET!!! (Update #48)

Happy 4th of July!!

To all those in America, enjoy the fire works and watermelon for me :)  The last couple days have been a whole roller coaster of emotions!  Starting with a high Friday morning when president Brown called to tell me SISTER RUTTER is my new companion!!!!

I always say that I have the best luck and only get companions who are practically perfect and Sister Rutter is proof of that. She came into the mission 1 transfer after me and served in Grenoble while I was in Val de Saône (right next door). She's from American Fork Utah, wants to be an English teacher, is super chill and funny and I'm SO PUMPED for this upcoming transfer :)

After Friday calls, we spent the whole weekend running from rendezvous to rendezvous letting Soeur Wadsworth say her goodbyes with Amis and members. It was the best because we got to see so many people, but also sad to see her say goodbye so many times and it kind of just felt like I was saying goodbye to her over and over again.

Sunday right after church our amie Danielle drove Sister Wadsworth, all her suitcases and I to the gare to catch a train to Toulouse. Then, with tear filled eyes, Soeur Wadsworth was ripped from my arms to take a train to Lyon so that she can return to Idaho tomorrow. Just kidding, it wasn't actually that dramatic, but it's true that it's quite the emotional rollercoaster seeing Soeur Wadsworth (my current comp), Soeur Kelley (my trainer) and Soeur Goreeba go home all at the same time

That's all I have time for this week, but know that my thoughts will definitely be aux Etats Unis tomorrow celebrating my favorite country in the world! (To which France is a very close second)

I'm so grateful to be an American, but thinking about the 4th of July also makes me that much more grateful to be exactly where I am right now. I'm definitely not French, but this country has become a part of me. I love these people, I love the language, I love the bread, I love France. And I'm so grateful for he chance I have to be here and to love these people (even if it means missing some fireworks ;)
I love you and my prayers are with you!! Thank you for your faith and support!


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