Monday, March 20, 2017

Springtime in Switzerland (update #33)

Bonjour tout le monde!!

This week has been AMAZING!

I have unfortunately no time to tell you about it, but some highlights were:

1. Our exchange with Sœurs Allen and Margrin of Neuchâtel. They come over and had a sleepover. They are both just the most calm, loving people...and also hilarious. I laughed so hard I cried multiple times.
2. Soeur C. walking up to me, grabbing my hair and just started braiding. I was so confused, but enjoyed it anyway!   hahaha.

3. MIRACLE: I was sitting in Relief Society when a member taps me on the shoulder and says: "sister, this is Jessica. Her family in Utah are members of the church and this is her first time here, she came all by herself." After talking with a her a little more she said she's here with her two sons, her aunt told her about the church and that she wants to learn more. She's coming to church next week and gladly accepted our self-invitation to go to her house and teach her family more about our church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It literally constantly baffles me that we have to work our hardest and have all the faith in the world so that God can just send these miracles walking through the doors of the church. And it's just a testimony that member missionary work is really what works. Missionaries are just her to have faith and teach the lessons, but if her aunt hadn't opened up to her about the gospel, she never would have come to church.

4. Another miracle was Alejandra coming to church!! She randomly wandered into one of our member's restaurants and the missionaries showed up at the same time. Turns out she's a member but hasn't been to church in five years. At first she didn't really want to come, but we convinced her to meet us at the metro and walk with us, she stayed all 3 hours and even for the ward social after church and had the best time! Prayer works.

5. Soeur Goreeba and I have seriously bonded this week. Partly over this ugly face mask which she insisted on taking a picture but mostly just in the hilarious day to day experiences that arrive to us dans la vie missionnaire quotidien.

Switzerland is great, life is great, this ward is great, je vous aime!!

Soeur Cami Goold

She still gets to make cupcakes...

A rendezvous with Sophia and her friend, Jane.   

Soeur J. has the missionaries over every week and always bakes them amazing treats.....

The amazing K family.  They're 89 and 92 and still "kicking it!"   

Today's P-day adventures:    Beautiful Lake Geneva and Notre Dame de Lausanne (a beautiful 13th century cathedral on top of a hill in Old Town of Lausanne overlooking the city)

Some more pictures from last week's hikes in the Swiss Alps:   

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