Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Short on Time (Update #28)

Hey everyone!
We're not going to end up having any real time for emails this week so I'll just introduce our new companion: Soeur Friolo!!!

She's from Italy, speaks 4 languages (more or less), and is a ball of blue fire. She already wants to talk to everyone and talk in lessons and it's amazing.  I think my favorite experience with her this week was one night when we were kneeling down to pray after planning/ before we went to bed. I started to pray as usual: "notre chère père céleste, nous te
remercions pour tout ce qu'on a fait...." (our dear Heavenly Father, we thank thee for everything....) when suddenly I hear in a thick Italian accent "Sorry sister!!! You need stop. We hold hands." Then Soeur Friolo proceeds to take one of my hands and one of Soeur Wilson's hands and I get the go ahead to continue praying. We were all holding back laughter the whole prayer, so that's just a peek into our life as a trio. It's honestly so fun, I love my companions to death. There's definitely going to be a learning curve to be able to teach with 3 people and really work well together (Soeur Wilson and I had our system down), but we're having a blast while we're learning! And I can see already that we have a lot to learn from Soeur Friolo :)


she was so short on time that she just sent me a picture of her journal page for this week's #mishpiration

Kelly is still doing well and planning on getting baptized the 25th :) Aaron promised to come to church before the end of the month. And we're teaching one of our members friends named Laure!! She's super cool and open to new ideas and religion and teaching with members is SO COOL. As missionaries we just try our best to bring the spirit and start the conversation, but the members are the real tools. The best people to share the joy of the gospel with are the people that already love and trust you.

Here is the only other picture I got this week.  This is a picture of the Ecully zone at this week's zone conference posted on her mission president's wife's FB page.   I wish I knew which one of these is her new companion, Soeur Friolo, so that I had a face to put with the name, but, alas, I can only tell you a few people who I know it's not.   Hopefully next week...

Soeur Cami Goold 

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