Thursday, August 4, 2016

Leaving Home

The day has finally arrived!!   On Monday, August 1st, Sister Goold  and I hopped on a plane to Utah.  Our original flight had been delayed, which meant that our layover in Denver was down to less than 10-minutes long.   Since Cami has recently spent the night on the Denver airport floor and was not anxious to repeat the experience, we scrambled to find a new flight that would be less risky for getting stuck.   We ended up finding a great nonstop flight that got in a good two hours before the other one, however it left from BWI, rather than Dulles, which meant we had to leave IN A HURRY to drive the extra 40 miles!    With 15-minutes notice now, Cami had to scramble and pull  the last few things together.

We made it, even through rush hour traffic, just in time.   Everyone jumped out and said their goodbyes....

and waved as Cami went off on her 18-month adventure!   

Before she left, she met with as many friends and relatives as possible to say her "see ya laters"!   

We ate up our Cami time as much as we could and planned little else.

We did, however, throw in a family photo shoot...

as well as a trip to see Phantom of the Opera at the Kennedy Center.

We will miss our Cami Rose! 

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