Friday, May 6, 2016

Off to see the World.

Well maybe not the whole world... but NINE countries!!
Ten years ago we were on yet another family road trip when my parents explained to me that we would be driving an extra 15 minutes to stay in a Marriott hotel.
"WHY?!" was my immediate 9-year-old response.
They calmly explained that they were saving up Marriott rewards points so that one day we would be able to go on a big trip to Europe and stay in hotels for free. "As if" I thought..

Ladies and gentleman, I'm pleased to announce that ten long years later, that ambiguous Europe trip is actually happening.
Our backpacks (yes, we're only bringing backpacks) are filled, our house is clean(er than before), and we are ready to go! We'll be visiting Iceland, England, Wales, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, and France!

Here is a little glimpse of how everyone is feeling mere hours before our departure...

Virginia: dark and stormy, shedding tears because the Goold family will be absent for too long.

The mastermind, workhorse, and co-planner of our trip, Mom: feeling "a little stressed."

The hard-working funder, mastermind, and co-planner of our trip, Dad: On his way home from work and feeling "Fantastic to be spending two and a half weeks exclusively with his amazing family."

 The Dog, Rocky: "What, you guys are leaving me here?!"

The sulking young adult, Spencer: You guys are going to Europe? Cool. I'll just stay here and play on my phone, thanks.

 The (wannabe) French petit fille, Ellie: Bubbling with excitement and literally jumping for joy.

The singing, baking machine, Emma: That big grin and power pose sum up her emotions perfectly.

The weed also known as Adam who's now taller than everyone besides Dad: feeling so happy that he actually let me take pictures of him (!!!)
 The newly-home college student, Me: SO EXCITED!!! To go on my dream vacation, to experience new foods (!) and cultures, and to see the country where I will be serving as a missionary for 18 months!!

So long, Virginia. Hello, Iceland!

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