Monday, November 30, 2015

Chemistry and California

Welcome to my Monday morning.

Above was my view as I walked towards my imminent death. The mountains were invisible behind the smog, and the cold settled on my skin like an icy blanket. I approached the spacious building, cloaked in dark clouds and swirling snow, preparing for my destruction. 
Then I remembered it was only a chemistry test and the chances of death were likely rather low.
What can I say? Melodrama is a talent of mine.
As I emerged from the building (very much alive) I breathed a normal breath. A smile spread across my numb face. Hardly able to contain my excitement I sped back to my dorm--only stampeding into 2 innocent passerby in the process. Why the sudden change of emotion, you ask?

Something about California just feels right. It's impossible to put into words, but every time I go to California I feel at peace with the world. The plane was tiny. The 72 year old lady sitting next to me talked the entire 2 hour flight about her ex-husbands and perfect grandchildren. Make up was nowhere near my face. All the textbooks and quizzes were left out of sight and out of mind. Everything was just as it should be.

It was 4 days of pure bliss. My aunt took me to cycling and zumba, we walked to the beach, and I spent an obscene amount of time in the kitchen (but more on that later).

Of course the day we decided to embark on the 10 mile hike to the beach was the only rainy, cool day of the entire year in Southern California. While I thought that might tarnish the experience, the imperfect weather ended up making the adventure that much more perfect. 

With the sand between my toes I watched in awe as the rain and the ocean came together as one. This world we live in is a real wonder. (as opposed to a fake wonder, of course)

 Perhaps the best part of the entire trip was spending time with my amazing aunt.  Kristina is one of the easiest people to talk to, and has a talent for creating interesting conversations that are the perfect balance of serious and funny.

Also my adorable cousin Madeline is growing up so fast I can't handle it. Last thing I knew she was "the cutest baby I've ever laid eyes on" and now suddenly she's a helpful, hard-working girl who finally lets me hug her. (a fact which I'm extremely thrilled about)

Conclusion: Southern California is about as close to perfection as it comes and was the perfect getaway before finals. Shoot... I should go study for those.

 Until next time, California. ily.

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  1. I had no idea you had a blog until this very moment. I have to say this is my favorite post!! Hahaha! We are so glad you could come visit! We loved having you here and are anxious for your return in February!!
    Ps you are an awesome writer (and baker) in my unbiased opinion!